Richard Nunekpeku ESQ


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ

One outstanding innovation of our world is a mobile phone.

It is an incredible super tool when connected to the internet – you can browse, send and receive data based messages, connect via email and now, update your social media networks.

The usefulness of a mobile device cannot be overemphasized. Practically, it’s the new office on the go, putting your files, word, excel, PowerPoint etc in your palm.

Everyone loves his or her mobile phone. But that could be a distraction too. To keep up and respond to every messages, WhatsApp, phone call, email among others can be a whole day’s job.

If you cant message addictions, a connected device is a time bomb in your palm. You will gradually be blowing your precious time away keeping up with updates, responding to messages, answering calls without doing anything significant in a day.

Sometimes, just put the phone away. Stay away from it and do that which is important with your time.

Don’t allow a connected device to control your time. Time no dey plenty like that.


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  1. Charles

    I use a Ghc10k phone. It’s a full computer in my pocket, a bank, a school,but even these institutions have their downtimes and working hours. Check your screen time. Own a Ghc100 phone on the side. Enjoy ? reality away from your phone. It would save your marriage and your life.

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