Richard Nunekpeku ESQ


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ

Post cards are still on the shelves. Many still love the idea of sending one with beautifully hand written words to show appreciate and gratitude for some help, feedback or contribution from people.

If it’s an old school idea for you that’s fine.

Today, technology has revolutionized the sending of messages. It could be a phone call, an sms, a WhatsApp message, a Facebook message or post, an Instagram message or post, a Snapchat message, a TikTok video among others.

Choose a medium that works for the recipient and never discount the essence which is show gratitude.

Avoid forwarded messages and be genuine in your appreciation even if it’s only a “thank you” you can write.

Let people know you do not take for granted their contributions by saying “thank you”.

Image Source: https://www.shrm.org/resourcesandtools/hr-topics/employee-relations/pages/thank-you-notes-to-interviewers-.aspx


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  1. Charles

    Post cards are still a thing…Sometimes, we need to just spend some time and write…from the heart of gratitude. Slow down and be grateful.

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