Richard Nunekpeku ESQ


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ

People were challenged by the barriers to instant communication to develop a phone/laptop, email, WhatsApp/SMS and many several social media communication platforms.

Before these innovations, many were desirous of communicating in a more faster and secured manner but were content with the status quo.

The status quo provided the peace of mind, the ease of doing things (the same old ways) and the lack of challenge – the characteristics of the concept of “comfort zone”.

But to improve, innovate and advance knowledge that supports a better life and work, these innovators took on the challenge.

The challenge to take on new task.

The challenge to seek out new ways.

The challenge not to stop learning or working on a goal despite it’s difficulties.

The challenge to broaden one’s perspectives and embrace other views.

And the challenge not to accept everything as normal.

The results are the innovations that have changed or are changing our lives today.

Desire a change? Take on the challenge to do things differently.


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