Richard Nunekpeku ESQ


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ

The greatest asset you have is your integrity. It is more important than any skill set. It is what will distinguish you in any chosen professional pursuit.

Remember, we may all have the opportunity to acquire the same skill sets and even become better at it than others.

But, we may all not have “integrity” – the ability to be honest in all we do.

It’s a character trait difficult to build and more difficult to maintain.

Never discount the impact of integrity and compromise same at the least temptation for some immediate benefits.

The adage “good name is better than riches” is still of timeless value.

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  1. Charles

    Integrity is a currency; both immediate and for the future. It is unfortunate that people want to receive things now and forego the doors their names and character would open for them. Great article!

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