“PROBLEMS NO DEY FINISH” (Say it like a Nigerian)


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ

As you work hard and even more harder, you expect to solve all your problems. But lie, lie – problems no dey finish. (let the pidgin in you out, lol).

This is a true reflection of our lives as humans. By our creation, we are ordained “problem solvers”. Our survival is tie to the assignment of perpetually solving problems – either personal or of society.

And our problems are endless and keep piling up daily.

Problems have become to humans what water is to fishes – without it, no survival.

But in stormy or calm waters (problems), fishes survive – “water no dey carry fish”.

So, adopt the mentality that keeps you going with all your problems – have a fish mentality.

Don’t nag, keep working. Don’t give up, keep looking for solutions.

Stay on track as you solve problems this week.

Have a great week, folks



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