Richard Nunekpeku ESQ


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ

By our nature, long routes by themselves are deterring. The hustle, the time and energy associated with them are demotivating.

So, quickly the first thoughts are always about the short cuts. Such is our experiences with life – the crazy life we live.

To succeed could be through various means. One could diligently work, stay honest and truthful, detest corruption and it’s related enterprises, count on God and others and luck will find him/her.

But, results this way take time – sometime, a depressingly long time.

Oppose to these values is also the route that produces immediate results. A short cut requiring one to engage in illegal, immoral and inhumane practices for unsustainable pleasures.

We all can share the same values but we all know the consequences of our actions.

No matter how difficult and challenging your daily sacrifices get, stay on the long route and avoid the short cuts.

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  1. Charles

    Great writeup. The voice that can speak loudest is the one free from corruption, no matter how poor.

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