Richard Nunekpeku ESQ


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ

A “change” doesn’t have to be grand neither must it be dramatic at a go.

It starts with the commitment to alter, to make different or new an attitude or something. And because the general expectation is that change should result into an improvement, your commitment must begin to bear some positive results no matter how small.

Kid you not, the challenge is never the desire to change but how to start the change process. And when you understand it must start small with increasing efforts, you will be building up an amazing new life in the long run.

For instance, if you desire a six pack or a flat tummy, you must start with some form of exercise.

So, have a grand desire, but work in small ways toward it.

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  1. Charles

    There is good change and bad change…In whichever way, change is processional and does not happen overnight. Putting your back into change helps you have a definite track to count on. Let’s begin on a good note this year.

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