Richard Nunekpeku ESQ


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ

Norms are the usual and standard ways of saying or getting things done.

Although backed by no laws, norms have high compliance rates – doing otherwise makes one a deviant.

Their common acceptance is due to the long practice (use) as the preferred way of speaking or acting.

But you can defy the norms and still be accepted if not setting a new one.

It was unprofessional to wear a tie on a folded shirt – then came Barrack Obama.

It was unacceptable to dress casually for a formal event – then came Steve Jobs probably on the biggest days of his life.

It was unpresidential to speak and act in certain manners – then came Donald J Trump.

And there are many examples of defying the norm moments. However, these persons were able to defy the norms because of who they had become and what they have achieved in life.

So if there is that particular norm you wish to defy, become accepted and set a new one, keep working hard, achieve more and that day will come.


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