Richard Nunekpeku ESQ


Richard Nunekpeku ESQ

Often, one hears an employer says “for this role, I need someone with a “DRIVE”.

A DRIVE? Why not a person with the requisite academic and professional qualifications, experience and know-how?

The emphasis is on a “drive” because, it is what fuels the purposeful application of academic and professional expertise to address the challenges of work (and life).

It gives the “edge” to continue on a path that brings results.

It secures a perfect blend of emotional intelligence, mental strength and a willing soul to overcome.

It translates into the “passion” one exhibits for a given task/job.

In essence, it pushes one beyond limits. And every employer wants to build a team of persons with such character.

But hey! The source of “Drive” is diverse – some are driven by money, the type of job/task/it’s associate environment, the personal desire/ambition to achieve remarkable results among others.

These days, no one says “money is not everything” but learn to be driven by other factors.

It is the master stroke of any professional, academic or personal pursuit.


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